Originally called The National Lottery, UK Lotto has created millions of winners since it began in the UK in 1994.

UK Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday with starting jackpots of £2 million and £3.8 million, respectively. Until November 17, UK players had a UK Raffle corresponding to every entry. However, after a format change causing the removal of said UK Raffle, lower prize divisions have increased and got fixed with a corresponding amount.

In addition, jackpots can now be won more quickly! UK Lotto will now only have a total of 5 Rollover Draws. On the 5th draw (now called “Must Be Won Draw”) and no one matches the winning combination, the jackpot will then be split across the lower division prizes increasing the amount that players participating for said draw can win!


You don't have to be a UK resident to be one of the thousands of new winners the UK Lotto will create this year. Through the lottery entry services of ILS, you can play –and win –from anywhere!


Lotto is the most popular and the largest millions game in the UK. To play, you need only select 6 numbers from a number range of 1 to 59. If you don't want to choose your own numbers, you can choose the "Quick Pick"option and a computer will generate a random selection of numbers for you. However, there is a better way to generate good number combinations as described from this article How To Win The Lottery According To Math.

To win the UK Lotto, you must have a minimum of two main numbers to win a FREE Lotto Lucky Dip. Smaller division prizes are determined by the correct combination of main numbers and the bonus numbers. However, to win the jackpot, you must match all six winning numbers drawn. You can predict the outcome of UK Lotto to an extent using mathematics.

There are six ways to win in the UK Lotto:

MatchEstimated Win
6 Main NumbersJackpot
5 Main Numbers + Bonus Ball  £1,000,000
5 Main Numbers£1,750
4 Main Numbers£140
3 Main Numbers£30
2 Main NumbersFree Lotto Lucky Dip


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Latest UK Lotto News


Jul, '24

Wednesday, July 17 - There was NO winner of tonight's jackpot of 5,269,627 GBP. The Saturday's jackpot is heading for 7.3M GBP.


Jul, '24

Saturday, July 13 - There was NO winner of tonight's Jackpot of 4,026,647 GBP. The Wednesday's Jackpot is heading for 5.3M GBP.


Jul, '24

Wednesday, July 10 - There was NO winner of tonight's jackpot of 2M GBP. The Saturday's jackpot is heading for 3.9M GBP.

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